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I am graduated of Information Technology at Unisa and IT Specialist Networking. I am working daily as Barman at Chef Warehouse. The aim of this blog is to learn how to develop project with C#. We will start with basic concept in C# and we will work done till we will find every narrow topic that we will focus on. Hope this blog will bring more insight in developing C# project for beginners and Guru.

Starting with C# Basic

C# is an object oriented programming language of today. It comes with a bunch of .Net Framework that can help you to develop any project.

When I was student, lol I still am, I always dream of writing an application that will help me and the community, but really that time I could not. Then I devoted myself on learning how to program with c#, how to make a web site with ASP.NET, so on. One day spirit blow on my mind that I shall share what I know with community maybe community also will share something with me, yeah that sound crazy!!!

C# is a n elegant and type safe object oriented language that enables developers which we are to build a variety of secure and robust applications that run on .NET Framework.

What C# can be use for?
The answer of this question will give us a brainstorm of what we will be tackling in this blog till we will find a very narrow topic that we will focus on it.
You can use C# to create windows client applications, XML web services, distributed components, client-server applications, database applications, and much more.

I remember on my project of end of my studies, it was asked that each student create application that contains database, functionality and the data to be saved offline as well as backup… on my development stage I chose C# as my programming language.
Then I build or create my application which it was tournaments tracker of student competition, the day of demonstration while I was demonstrating my project just failed, wow that was embarrassing, luckily I did well on my assignment then I was rescheduled for supplementary exam then everything went well. That’s why I was to share my experience of learning.

In this blog we will tackle the detailed topic then we will narrow our topic to be focused on then we can call ourselves programmers or software developers.

If this platform or blog is what you are looking for you are welcome to suggest ideas of topic and your comments will be awesome to boost this learning blog.

P.S: I will always read and respond to your comment.


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