African culture

Maman Kimpa VitaThis page i will speak about some research i will undertake to know the History of a Black man called Kama which was the name of calling black of that time.

The old Hebrew  called black of that time “Koushim” and the actual African continent as “Koush ” therefore there is a tribe in Kongo called today KOUSH and members are Bakoush and the word of God mentioned clearly that one of Moses wife was  “Koush” meaning Black…etc.

The question is how we as black we are blaming ourselves we forsaking   our culture to embrace those for European … Africa we need to work up and study our history and culture from there we will know what we can do to transform this burden of poverty is in this rich Africa.


“Love of coding does bot make you hungry but angry to know more.” — Tresor Tshimanga

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